play werewolf now! (1)

Online gaming is a way for us to also destress – may it be from work or school, these games give us relaxation even for some time. But sometimes, online gaming stresses us out too! How? Finding a free site to play is a great struggle but with gidd.io, this is the last thing that […]

Celebrating the Yuletide Season Online!

virtual christmas party

Beforehand, occasions almost take place everywhere. Birthday parties, Thanksgiving celebrations, and Halloweens used to be held face-to-face — no vaccine cards needed, face masks are not mandatory so as social distancing. However,  as the pandemic rises, it is undoubtedly that we have also experienced being isolated and lonely during some of the important occasions in […]

Let’s play Werewolf now!

play werewolf now!

One of the best examples of social deduction games is Werewolves also known as Mafia Game, which, for sure, is something that you have encountered in your life. It is usually played by high schoolers during sleepovers and breaks, but even though you are not from this bracket, you are free to enjoy and discover […]

Online deduction games

online deduction games

Deduction games are games, in which the players take up secret identities and attempt to uncover each players hidden role or their team allegiance. The goal of each player is to keep his own identity hidden while at the same time try to figure out who took up what role, without giving himself away. Typically, […]

Sync Video: How to watch YouTube Videos together

watch youtube videos together

I know many find to this post because they searched for sync-video.com and not gidd.io. Due to several restrictions on API functions, we have decided to take Sync Video offline in December 2021 and focus fully on gidd.io. How to watch sync videos now? We recommend sync-tube.de. Due to the simple UI and the simple […]

Biggest gidd.io update so far 😁

biggest gidd.io update (1)

With joy and proud we present you the biggest update for gidd.io so far. When we started with the first version in December, we implemented a lot of things to the best of our knowledge, but without the knowledge of the all the gidd.io users that play the app every day. We have collected an […]

Online Team Building Games

how to play better in capitalista

Since the Corona pandemic, online team events have become indispensable. This is mainly due to the fact that many colleagues still work in their home offices and new colleagues sometimes only work remotely.In addition, it is significantly cheaper to hold teambuilding events online.As well as the possibility to adapt the event without problems, if the […]

Play UNO Online or similiar games

play uno

UNO is one of the most popular card game ever. But how can I play this game online and best of all for free? I’ll show you a few ways to play UNO online (or cool alternatives that feel like UNO). Did you know that UNO is kind of like the game Crazy Eights, but […]

Online card gaming

cool cardgames to play with friends

Cardgames have long been used as a recreational tool. Serving as a source of entertainment for many years. The world of today has assumed a different outlook. It has become increasingly difficult to arrange a game of cards. Everyone’s busy. Advances in technology and the introduction of the internet now make it possible to play […]

Cool online boardgames you can play with friends for free

online boardgames

Board games are a great way to unwind and maintain ties with friends and family. Board games are traditionally played in a physical setting; however, the advent of online boardgames has brought in a new level of fun. With online board games, the intrigue is not lost. Online boardgames allow you to play with friends […]