Sync Video: How to watch YouTube Videos together

watch youtube videos together

I know many find to this post because they searched for and not Due to several restrictions on API functions, we have decided to take Sync Video offline in December 2021 and focus fully on

How to watch sync videos now?

We recommend Due to the simple UI and the simple functions, it is very similar to Sync Video and runs stable until today. This is ideal to quickly watch some video, but does not support permanent rooms or playlists.

If you want even more features like your own permanent room, like to save playlists and play other platforms besides YouTube syncron, then we recommend you WatchToGether definitely has the widest range of functions, but it’s not so easy to use at the beginning, because of the massive UI.

Why can’t I play all videos?

In the meantime, videos that are set to over 18 years old can no longer be played on external platforms. In addition, the YouTube channel can set in which countries it makes videos available and whether it allows sharing videos on external platforms.

How can I play syncron netflix?

We recommend TeleParty provides a simple browser plugin with which you can watch Netflix syncron.


If you want to watch YouTube videos quickly and easily, take But if you want to have many features, then If you like us and enjoy playing computer games, feel free to play a round on In our opinion, YouTube will eventually release its own feature, similar to Watch Party on Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video to enable these features for its users. It is also noticeable that the API is hardly maintained in our opinion and bugs that have been known for over 5 years are not fixed yet.

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