Crazy Eights – Play it if you like UNO

Crazy Eights is our alternative to the popular card game! Play the world famous card game with the +4! You can play the popular card game here on with all your friends. Uno is Spanish for one. And that’s exactly what you have to say when you have only one card left.

This cardgame is a great adventure for friends and family. You have all the good cards to annoy your teammates like the Skip card, where the player misses his next turn or the reverse card, where you can change the play direction. Of course, if you want to get one over on your opponent, you can use the draw two (+2) card and let the next player draw two, but don’t forget, this card can be stacked.  But you can also use the draw four card (+4) where you can choose the next color and your next opponent has to draw four cards. Last but not least you have the color change card and the normal number cards in different colors.

Crazy Eights at a glance

  • Set the UNO Time delay
  • Player with up to 9 players
  • Set up multiple +4
  • Use more powercards

Have a look at Crazy Eights at

Crazy Eights settings on

At you can configure various settings for Crazy Eights. You can set the Uno delay time and enable how oft a powercard should be placed at all.

  • Stackable plus 4 cards: allows you to put down a plus 4 card on another plus 4 cards, making for painful draws.
  • Stackable choose colour cards allows you to put down a choose colour card on another choose colour card, cancelling the first one out.
  • Seven Card Rule: when a card with the value of seven is played, the player can choose another player to exchange their hands with.
  • Zero Card Rule: If a card with the value of zero is played, all players must change their hands with the player on their left. So be careful on whom you play those plus 4 cards, next turn it might come back to hunt you.
  • Unlimited draw: If a player is unable to play a card, he must draw cards from the deck until he draws one that he can play out. Potentially leading to massive hands. Be advised that this rule is only experimental and can drag on the game for hours.


Furthermore, allows you to customize the deck itself for more fun. You can change the amount of plus 2 and plus 4 cards in the deck. The higher frequency of drawing cards makes the game unpredictable. Fun guaranteed.

Tips and Tricks

There is no real winning strategy for crazy eights, most of the time it comes down to pure luck. Some basics can be applied for most games.
Save your “choose colour” and “plus 4” cards for when you need them. They are precious. Play them when you otherwise would have to draw a card, otherwise you might struggle when you’re nearing the end of the game.
Pay close attention. If a player forgets to call out his “UNO”, you must hit the button and force him to draw an additional card as punishment. This could allow you to make an awesome comeback.
Be optimistic. Uno is very unpredictable. Although it might seem like you are close to losing, because all other players have less cards, this can change at any second.

Never ever give up!