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Play games like you know from your childhood or always liked to play with friends. Or learn new.

We offer you games like Capitalista, Crazy Eights as well as Yatzy, Categories, Rummy, Texas Hold’em, Guess Drawing and GeoClash. You can configure the games the way you want to play them.

Our Games

Become the richest men on the board. Play Capitalista now.

Capitalista is a classical economy boardgame. Your job is to rule economy and become the greatest capitalist in the world! Buy all properties, build houses, hotels and collect as much money as possible from your fellow players. But you better not go bankrupt!

For up to 20 players.

The classic card game which has some similarities with the basics of UNO and is about winning rounds. Be the first to get rid of your cards, but watch out, your teammates will try to sabotage you.

For up to 9 players.

Play GeoClash. Guessing world wide.

Find out where you are in the world and lock in your guess. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where you are. Be closer to the searched place than your teammates to earn more points.

For up to 20 players.

A simple word game where you need to list words that fit into your categories, all starting with the same letter. Playing the classic word game online has a big benefit: You don’t need to discuss if a Word exists with your friends.

For up to 9 players.

Play Categories online. The word game with friends.
Play yahtzee with your friends. In your own gaming room.

Everything depends on you: Do you dice well or badly? Try to outscore your friends and score the most points to win. You can roll the dice three times per round and combine your dice to get better pairings.

For up to 20 players.

Werewolf is a popular social deduction game. Take on the roles of the villagers and play for survival! You must deceive, lie and cheat to win. As a werewolf you must kill a villager every night and as a villager you must throw one out every day. 

For up to 20 players.


One player has to draw and the other players have to guess the word. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Being a good draftsman is harder than you think.

For up to 20 players.

Texas Hold’em is a popular variation of the card game of poker. Players each have two private cards and share five community cards, making their best five card poker hand from the combination of their hole cards and the community cards. Play it with endless configuration possibilities.

For up to 9 players.


13 card Rummy is a thrilling variation of the classic card game of Rummy. Played with a standard deck of 52 cards with Jokers, players aim to form valid sets and sequences of cards in order to lay down their hand and win the game.

For up to 5 players.

This is our pachisi variant with crazy unique effect fields. Can you beat your friends with the dice? Find out now!

For up to 4 players.


Spades is one of the most famous card games in the world and you can play it on now!

For up to 7 players.

How it works

We show you how to have fun with within a minute.

01 Create your lobby

Click on ‘START PLAYING’ to create your own free gaming room.

02 Invite your friends

Just share the URL in your internet browser to your friends.

03 Configure your game

Select your game and adjust how you like it.

04 Enjoy playing and repeat

Start your game and enjoy it. You can play as long as you like.

Why you will love and what you can expect.

https:// was created in December 2021 to create a fun, friendly platform for everyone. No matter where you are or what device you want to play on, you can do it with us. You can expect exciting social games that you can play with your friends. All around the globe.

We provide you a secure platform.

You create invite-only rooms. You decide who you play with.

You can individualize the games and play the way you want.

Available all over the world.

Community-driven development. We take your feedback seriously.

We are focused on creating funny games. We only build games that will make you laugh (and sometimes despair).

Do you have questions?

We have the right answer for you (most of the times).

 Q: What is

 A: is a free gaming platform with social mini games.

 Q: Where can I play

 A: You can play on any devices (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).

 Q: I have an Error. What can I do?

 A: Please have a look on our wiki:

 Q: I want to give Feedback. Where can I message you?

 A: Please have a look on our wiki:

 Q: I found a translation mistake.

 A: Thank you! Please contact us on social media. Look at out footer please.

 Q: I often end up in Capitalista jail.

 A: It only seems that way to you because the rounds go so fast.

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Sometimes we write really good articles. It’s worth reading!

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