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Your goal is to accumulate wealth and bankrupt the other players. Buy and sell prooperties, collect rent from other players and don’t go jail!

Create your own capitalista story.

About Capitalista

Capitalista is a classical dice boardgame based on the economic creation of a monopoly. Each player has to get as much properties as possible, collect rent from other players and try to make them bankrupt. 

All features of Capitalista

Play with all these different setting options. You can turn them on and off at any time.


You need money but don’t want to sell anything? Then charge your field now to get money fast. But: The field gets no rent until you pay back.

Double Rent

If you own a whole street, the base rent (excluding houses and hotels) is doubled. Also applies to the companies.

No rent while in jail

With that setting, you don’t collect rents when you’re in jail!

Each property can be acquired only through an auction

Simple: Every property from now on must be bought by auction.

Buy already owned properties

You want to buy the property from a fellow player? Now you can! But be careful, the properties are much more expensive!


If a property is not bought, an auction starts, where every player can bid.

Host a auction to sell your property

Mortgage is not enough for you? Then sell your provinces now with an auction!

Take a loan from the bank

You are running low on cash? Just borrow money from the bank. But remember: You pay interest every round.

Trade with other players

You want to have the property of another player? Negotiate for it!

Different boards

We offer different boards with Capitalista. Currently you can play Capitalista on the worldwide map, in the Balkans or in Germany with high taxes.

You want to create your own board? Join our discord and we can do it!

capitalista balkan

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Capitalista is a mulitplayer game, where the players can roll two dice to move around the game board. The players can buy and trade properties and develope them with houses and hotel to gain a higher rent, when other players land on their properties. Since the dice roll and the fields on which you land cannot be influenced, the player has to work out advantages in the game, especially through actions and simple decisions.

Capitalista can be played at least by two people and up to twenty players are supported. Which means that it is the ideal game for an evening with friends. In addition, we offer some cool features like an auction mode, loan mode, buy already sold properties and many more.

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