GeoClash - Alternative geo guessing game

In GeoClash you fight with your friends for the best geography knowledge. The game principle is quite simple: a dynamic view of a place is displayed and you have to expect where this place is. If you select a point on the world map closer to the destination, you get more points.

GeoClash is educational competitive game for up to 20 people and the ideal time killer for a casual evening. Play with different game modes and configure your game the way you want.

GeoClash at a glance

  • For up to 20 players
  • Play on every continent
  • Play only with capital cities
  • Play on mobile or desktop
  • Play with real user generated content
  • No Account required


About GeoClash

GeoClash is a simple Geo Guessing Game that you can play for free with friends. Playfully explore the world and discover places you’ve never seen before. The closer you are to the target location, the more points you get. To increase the difficulty, you can change the round time. Also, you can choose different continents and play only on them. This allows you to explore specific areas in more detailed.