Play UNO Online or similiar games

play uno

UNO is one of the most popular card game ever. But how can I play this game online and best of all for free? I’ll show you a few ways to play UNO online (or cool alternatives that feel like UNO). Did you know that UNO is kind of like the game Crazy Eights, but […]

Online card gaming

cool cardgames to play with friends

Cardgames have long been used as a recreational tool. Serving as a source of entertainment for many years. The world of today has assumed a different outlook. It has become increasingly difficult to arrange a game of cards. Everyone’s busy. Advances in technology and the introduction of the internet now make it possible to play […]

Cool online boardgames you can play with friends for free

online boardgames

Board games are a great way to unwind and maintain ties with friends and family. Board games are traditionally played in a physical setting; however, the advent of online boardgames has brought in a new level of fun. With online board games, the intrigue is not lost. Online boardgames allow you to play with friends […]

Your browser game is not loading? Here’s what you can do

what you can do, when your browser game or .io game is not working!

It’s always annoying when computer games don’t work. Especially with browser games or typical .io-games the problem search is difficult, because you can hardly set up anything by yourself. But don’t worry: most of the time the problem is solved by changing some small things in the browser settings. However, before we go there, check […]

How to play better in Capitalista (Alternative monopoly board)


Some people think that you can hardly influence anything in a game like Monopoly, because everything depends on the dice. This is wrong! Yes, the dice influences a lot, but you can still influence the game massively with your skill. We’re going to show you a few tips on how to get much better at […]

Best categories for the categories game

I know it. Sometimes you just don’t know which categories to use in Categories or Scattergories. This time is over now! Here are a few exciting topics that will make you and your friends laugh at the next round of Categories. Personally things Colors Dangerous activities Outdoor activities Things you have in your car Bathroom […] supports crossplay (iOS, Android & web support)

You can easily play across multiple platforms. We support desktop computers (Windows, MacOS, Linux) with all major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera and Brave.  Additionally you can play with your smartphone. There we support iOS, so every common Iphone and every smartphone with Android and all common […]

Patch notes v0.9.8

Room infrastructure Choosing usernames (min. 3 chars) Choosing your color Room size up to 20 players (some games like uno only allow 9 players for example) Chat with your friends and easily pick funny emotes Configure your game rules to your liking Basic mobile support Dark theme Sound settings to customize the sound volume to […]

Hello World!

What’s up internet? is online and starts directly with four awesome games! You can play CrazyEight , GeoClash (A Geo-Location finding game without a paywall), Yatzy and Categories (which is like Stop the Word Game). All games and every other one that follows have one thing in common: You can play them with many […]