Your browser game is not loading? Here’s what you can do

what you can do, when your browser game or .io game is not working!

It’s always annoying when computer games don’t work. Especially with browser games or typical .io-games the problem search is difficult, because you can hardly set up anything by yourself. But don’t worry: most of the time the problem is solved by changing some small things in the browser settings.

However, before we go there, check once if you have a stable Internet connection and if you are using an up-to-date browser. Almost every online game favors the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Check your internet connection

You can easily check your internet connection on this website

Enable WebGL

When you see that animations are slow or the game is lagging, try to enable WebGL.

In Chrome you need to turn on Hardware Acceleration:

  • Go to Chrome Menu -> Settings -> Advanced

Then enable Use hardware acceleration under System.
Tip chrome://gpu in the chrome adressbar to check if hardware acceleration is turned on.

If you are using Safari. Look at this guide.

Disable JavaScript blockers

Sometimes AdBlocker or other javascript blocking add ons accidentally block important game files.

Deactivate the add-ons one after the other and try the game again. If it works again, you have the culprit. In most cases, you can then add an exception for the website:

  • AdBlocker (such as uBlocker, uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, Popoer Blocker, Ghostery etc.)
  • JavaScript Blocker (such as NoScript, ScriptBlock, JS Block etc.)
  • Extensions that creates elements on a website (such as a Dark Mode, Input Tools, Password Manager etc.)
  • Anti Tracking Extensions

Some other tips

  • Disable all your VPN connection. Sometimes they block ports or you got geoblocked.
  • Have a look at our troubleshooting guide for
  • Clear your browser cache and reload your browser.


All in all, the above points should get your online game up and running. If it still doesn’t work after all these tips, you can always check out the community pages of the game. Many games have their own subreddits, Discord servers or fanpages. There is almost always someone who is happy to help you! 🙂

Start your own gaming adventure with your friends on now!