Our platform is not working for you? You can’t join a room or the website won’t load? Here is a quick guide to fix your problem.

Table of Contents

Enable WebGL

If is lagging or animations are really slow, it’s usually because you don’t have WebGL enabled. You can enable this in your browser and it is actually enabled by default but sometimes browser extensions disable it.

In Chrome:

  • Go to Chrome Menu -> Settings -> Advanced
  • Then enable Use hardware acceleration under System.
  • Relaunch Chrome
  • Tip chrome://gpu in the chrome adressbar to check if hardware acceleration is turned on
hardware acceleration

In Firefox:

  1. Go to about:config
  2. search for webgl
  3. double click on webgl.enable until the value is true
  4. restart Firefox

Disable Internet Browser Extensions

Please disable all your browser extensions that could block content on our website:

  • AdBlocker (such as uBlocker, uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, Popoer Blocker, Ghostery etc.)
  • JavaScript Blocker (such as NoScript, ScriptBlock, JS Block etc.)
  • Extensions that creates elements on a website (such as a Dark Mode, Input Tools, Password Manager etc.)
  • Anti Tracking Extensions

Basic Tips

  • Delete your cookies and clear your browser cache. Here is a tutorial.
  • Try to run our website in an incognito browser tab
  • Disable all VPN connections on your system
  • Check if the issue is caused by your system (firewall, security update, too high cpu load, no ram)
  • Try to restart your internet modem/router
  • Check your internet connection

List with supported Internet Browser

Some internet browsers do not support our website because we use too new technologies. Here is a short list:















If your internet browser is not listed there, please check that ES6HTTP/2 and WebSockets are supported or use directly one of the browsers mentioned above. You can check your browser version here.

Still not working?

If the above tips don’t work, drop us a line on social media and we’ll try to find a custom solution.