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Cardgames have long been used as a recreational tool. Serving as a source of entertainment for many years. The world of today has assumed a different outlook. It has become increasingly difficult to arrange a game of cards. Everyone’s busy. Advances in technology and the introduction of the internet now make it possible to play cardgames online. A whole new level of fantasy is now unlocked. You can still play cardgames with friends, but this time, everyone participates from the comfort of their homes over the internet. Your favorite card games are now available in digital form.

Crazy Eights

This is an example of a shedding card game. Players compete by discarding their cards unto a discard pile. The first player to discard all cards wins the game. It can be played by two or more persons. When more than two players are playing the game, each player is given five cards at the start of the game. While for a game of two players, each player gets seven cards. Players discard their cards into a discard pile in order of corresponding suits or ranks. A pack of 52 cards is used to play a game of Crazy Eights after the cards have been shuffled and each player dealt their cards. The rest of the cards turned face down are set aside as a reserve deck from which players can draw during play.

To start playing, the top card of the reserve is removed and placed face-up beside the reserve. If the card at the top of the discard pile is not an Eight, then you place a card facing up, which corresponds to the suit or rank. You have the option of drawing from the reserve if you don’t have cards that match the previous card on the discard pile. If the previous card is an Eight, you either play an Eight or the suit chosen by the player who played the Eight. You can play an Eight on any card, but when you do so, you have to select a particular suit for others to play. If the very first card of the discard pile is an Eight, then the dealer selects a suit. The first player, in turn, either plays the suit or plays an Eight.

When the reserve cards are exhausted, the previously played cards with the exception of the last cards, are reshuffled and decked face-down to create another reserve, then the play continues. When you’re down to your last card, ensure you inform the rest of the players. If you don’t do this before the next player’s round, you’ll be required to select two cards from the reserve as a penalty.

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Skido Online

A very entertaining game played using simple rules. The objective of this game is to be the first to get rid of all your playing cards. That’s how you win the card. Each player has four personal stockpiles. A stockpile consists of twenty cards. Only the top part of each pile is visible. When it is your turn to play, you draw out cards from the top of each of your piles until you have five cards at hand. These cards are then spread over a build pile present in the center of the playing area sequentially. Once a build pile is composed of 12 cards, it is discarded. This is to make room for another build pile. A total of four build piles are built up in the game. In a particular turn, you can play as many cards as possible. If you can play all your first five cards, draw out another five and keep playing. When there is no more available play, the unplayed card is returned to one of your personal piles. Then you cede your turn to the next player. The game remains active till the last start card is played by a player. This officially brings the game to an end.

Skido is simple and easy to play. No complex rules. All you need to do is ensure you dispose of all your cards quickly before anyone else does. A game of Skido is the ideal time filler for short breaks, whilst commuting to work or stuck in a long and boring wait at the grocery store.

There are a host of websites where you can play a good game of Skido even with friends for free. For some websites, no account is required before being allowed to play.

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Cards Against Humanity

This game is fun-guaranteed. Great for individuals with low social energy. It reveals your personality sometimes much more than you would have. Every round sees a player read out a question from a black card while other players in turn reply amusingly using their very funny white cards. At the start of each round, each player has a deck of ten cards. The white cards are passed to the Czar, who shuffles the cards, shares the responses with other players, and selects a favorite. The player who calls out the question in each round is called the card Czar. The player who played the favorite response keeps the black card and obtains one awesome point. The card Czar gets changed per round.

If however, a black card is played and you are certain that you possess extra white cards with chances of winning, you can bet on your awesome point and play an additional white card. If it works out, you get to keep your awesome point. If it goes the other way, whoever wins the round obtains your awesome point.

The game gets more interesting when Rando Cardrissian is introduced. Rando Cardrissian is an imaginary player. Every round, a random white card is selected from the deck of cards and put into play for Rando Cardrissian. It’s a big slap on the faces of all players if, at the end of the day, Rando Cardrissian wins. At any point in the game, you have the option of discarding white cards which you are not knowledgeable about. However, before you do this, the rule of the game requires you to declare your ignorance to other players and be subjected to attendant humiliation. A game of Cards against Humanity ends when the ‘Make a Haiku’ black card is played. By then, every player should have pretty much revealed all.

When next you meet up with your favorite group of friends, don’t let that moment pass. Visit to set up a game and send invites to your friend. A mobile app version of the game is also available, cards against originality. You can download it from your app store for smooth gameplay, even with mobile.

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