Play Crazy Eights

Crazy Games is our popular card game with special cards. Featuring a variety of special cards, including wild cards, draw cards, skip cards, and reverse cards, Crazy Eights is a game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. 

Crazy Eights with +4!

About Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is our popular card game! Play the world famous card game with the +4! You can play the popular card game here on with all your friends. Uno is Spanish for one. And that’s exactly what you have to say when you have only one card left.

All features of Crazy Eights

Play with all these different setting options. You can turn them on and off at any time.

Set the UNO Delay

Set the allowed duration to say UNO before being able to punish for not saying UNO!

+2 Cards

Set the amount of +2 cards of each color

+4 Cards

Set the amount of +4 cards

Make +4 Cards stackable

Should it be allowed to put a +4 card on another +4 card?

Stackable Color Cards


Should color cards be stackable?

0 Card Rule


If 0 Card is played, all players move their current hand to their next neighbour on the left

7 Card Rule

If a 7 Card is played, the player can choose which other player to exchange his hand with

Unlimited Draw


If you are not able to place a card, you have to draw until you place a card.

Trade with other players

You want to have the property of another player? Negotiate for it!

Different boards

We offer different boards with Capitalista. Currently you can play Capitalista on the worldwide map, in the Balkans or in Germany with high taxes.

You want to create your own board? Join our discord and we can do it!

capitalista balkan

How to play Crazy Eights Card Game

The game is played with a deck of 108 cards, consisting of four colors (red, blue, green, and yellow), each color having two of each number from 0 to 9, as well as special action cards such as Skip, Reverse, Draw Two, and Wild. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all of their cards.

Once you and your friends have joined the game, the fun can begin. The first player to go is typically the player to the left of the dealer. They must place a card on the discard pile that matches either the color or the number of the card on top of the pile. If they don’t have a card that matches, they must draw a card from the deck. The game continues in this way, with players taking turns until one player has no cards left.

Crazy Eights is a game that requires strategy and skill. You can use special action cards to disrupt your opponents’ turns or to gain an advantage for yourself. For example, if you have a Draw Two card and your opponent only has one card left, you can use the Draw Two card to force them to draw two more cards, giving you a better chance of winning. Similarly, if you have a Wild card, you can use it to change the color of the game, potentially forcing your opponent to draw more cards.