Best categories for the categories game

I know it. Sometimes you just don’t know which categories to use in Categories or Scattergories. This time is over now! Here are a few exciting topics that will make you and your friends laugh at the next round of Categories.

Personally things

  • Colors
  • Dangerous activities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Things you have in your car
  • Bathroom things
  • Name for a dog
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Breakfast foods
  • Name for a child
  • Name of Fears

Movies and celebrities

  • Nickelodeon tv shows
  • Cartoon characters
  • Sit Coms
  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Blockbusters
  • The Boys Characters
  • Star Wars Characters
  • Harry Potter Characters
  • Horror Movies
  • Marvel Characters
  • DC Characters
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Characters
  • Oscar winners
  • Start Trek Planets


  • Seas
  • African countries
  • Islands
  • Provinces
  • Natural Disasters
  • Name of Hurricanes
  • Bridges
  • Things you can see in [city]

Funny things

  • Songs about love
  • Things that beep
  • Reasons to lie
  • Dance moves
  • Things you can do with a women/men
  • Things that you hide from others

What is Scattergories or the catergory game?

Categories is a simple play on words. Several categories are written down and a letter is randomly selected. Now each player must find a matching word for each category as quickly as possible, the first letter of which is the previously selected letter. Afterwards all players evaluate their results and points are given. The player with the most points wins.

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