How to play better in Capitalista (Alternative monopoly board)


Some people think that you can hardly influence anything in a game like Monopoly, because everything depends on the dice. This is wrong! Yes, the dice influences a lot, but you can still influence the game massively with your skill.

We’re going to show you a few tips on how to get much better at Capitalista:

1. Play aggressively and build houses as early as possible

Quite right! In the game, you are supposed to build a monopoly to force your fellow players out of the game. You can only do that if you are ahead of your competition. So don’t hesitate to build houses and hotels.

2. Don’t buy everything if you are only a few players. Use your money wisely

With few players, you have more choice in your fields. Therefore, buy only fields that are well visited. Let your teammates buy the bad fields.

3. Jail is good in the end game

Capitalista is a turn-based game. In the end game, there is a high chance that you or your co-players will land on a property, which is very expensive. Therefore, be smart and go to jail! You will win with a little luck three rounds of time where you will not pay rent.

4. Good trades are important

Pay attention to tip no. 1: It makes sense to secure your desired fields as early as possible. This means that sometimes even a trade that looks to your disadvantage is good if it gives you your needed properties.

These few tips will help you improve your Capitalista game significantly. Use them, but never forget, sometimes a little luck is needed 😉

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