Online Team Building Games

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Since the Corona pandemic, online team events have become indispensable. This is mainly due to the fact that many colleagues still work in their home offices and new colleagues sometimes only work remotely.
In addition, it is significantly cheaper to hold teambuilding events online.
As well as the possibility to adapt the event without problems, if the interest of the colleagues is different than expected.

How do online team building events work?

Normally, you first use a software like Discord, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangout, where you can talk to each other and see each other. This creates a positive atmosphere and complements the personal exchange and makes emotions visible.

Which Games should we play?

Pick games that encourage playing together and sharing. The best games are those that are easy to learn, cause lively discussions, and encourage laughter. For an easy start we recommend Categories or Crazy Eights. The rules are mostly known and the games are very popular.

Experiments with Online Escape Rooms

Nowadays there are many different online escape rooms. An Escape room is the classic team building activity, because the players have to work together, puzzle together and every input is important.

Many online escape rooms have moderation and cost some money. However, in my experience, this is worth it. Here is one provider for online teambuilding events:

Start your own gaming adventure with your friends on now!