Let’s play Werewolf now!

play werewolf now!

One of the best examples of social deduction games is Werewolves also known as Mafia Game, which, for sure, is something that you have encountered in your life. It is usually played by high schoolers during sleepovers and breaks, but even though you are not from this bracket, you are free to enjoy and discover what lies behind this awesome game! As a bonus, we, Gidd.io, made the game accessible by making it available online!

How to play werewolf

Werewolves is a great game to use when you want to bond with your friends in a less boring way. It is full of great experiences that will really test you and your friends’ passion to survive a challenge. It is a nerve-wracking game that has easy mechanics. Let us take a look at how this game works.

First and foremost, you need to know the soul of this game—how does it work? When playing Werewolves, you need at least seven (7) people to play with. Each person has different roles and once the role has been assigned, you’ll know who your teammates are – only if you are a werewolf. 

The Roles of Each Players

The Peasant

  • This character is one of the villagers. However, by the name of it, this character has no cool skills to offer.

The Werewolf

  • If there is something that the villager should look out for, these are these characters. They are very dangerous because all werewolves together, can kill a villager in the night.

The Wild Child

  • This is quite an interesting role because he can choose a role model. Iff this dies, he becomes a werewolf.

The Hoodrat

  • This character is able to stay overnight with another villager. However, it cannot be visited for this herself, but dies if her host is killed.

The Seer

  • This character is able to analyze each character at night. You must be careful with this character. 

The Cupid

  • This character makes two villagers fall in love with each other. However, the lovers always die together, and their goal is to win together against all.

The White Werewolf

  •  This character gets up every other night extra and can kill someone else. His goal is to win alone. 

The Witch

  • This character has two (2) potions – One (1) healing potion and one (1) poison potion. Every night she can decide whether to use a potion, even on herself. I suggest you must be friends with this character. 

The Siblings

  • The siblings have known each other since the beginning. Blood is thicker than water, indeed. 

The Wolfhound

  •  The wolfhound can decide once at the beginning if he is a werewolf or remains a peasant.

The Black Raven

  • This character automatically has a vote during the day against him. Can send a letter to a player before each vote.

The Protector

  • The protector can protect one player every night. But never the same player twice in a row.

The Captain

  • This character has been elected at the beginning. His vote counts twice in the voting.

The Huntsman

  •   When he dies, he can take one with him. Stay aware from this character.

The Sleeping Peasant

  • This is what a dead peasant looks like.


  • Do you have in-game questions? Write /help in the chat.

As this is now available online via Gidd.io, you do not have to invite anyone over just to play it. All you have to do is access the site and tada, you are now in-charge of how the game should take place. Will the villagers win or will the Werewolves acquire the whole village? Find out by playing here!

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