Party Game


Are you good at lying and taking the blame off yourself?

Play werewolf

The Werewolf Game, also played as Mafia Game is a famous social deduction group game for parties. The game principle is simple: you have to survive and eliminate your teammates. You have to lie and deceive your teammates, because depending on what role you have, you are a werewolf or a normal villager. The werewolf is also a normal villager during the day. At night, however, he and his other werewolves each kill a villager. The villagers meet with each other every day and democratically kill a werewolf.

Both teams fight for survival and no one knows at the beginning who is friend or foe. The goal is to find out who is good or evil through clever discussions. In addition, there are many other roles with different abilities. This massively increases or eases the difficulty level.


All features at a glance

Find out their secret roles

Meet the villagers

The Peasant

has no cool skills!

The Werewolf

All werewolves together, can kill a villager in the night.

The Wild Child

Can choose a role model. If this dies, he becomes a werewolf.

The Hoodrat

Can stay overnight with another villager. Cannot be visited for this herself, but dies if her host is killed.

The Seer

Can analyze a villager every night.

The Cupid

Makes two villagers fall in love with each other. But the lovers always die together and their goal is to win together against all.

The White Werwolf

Gets up every other night extra and can kill someone else. His goal is to win alone.

The Witch

She has two potions. One healing potion and one poison potion. Every night she can decide whether to use a potion, even on herself.

The siblings

The Siblings have known each other since the beginning.

The Wolfhound

The Wolfhound can decide once at the beginning if he is a Werewolf or remains Peasant.

The Black Raven

Automatically has a vote during the day against him. Can send a letter to a player before each vote.

The Protector

The Protector can protect one player every night. But never the same player twice in a row.

The Captain

Is elected at the beginning. His vote counts twice in the voting.

The Huntsman

When he dies, he can take one with him

The sleeping Peaseant

This is what a dead Peasant looks like.


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