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Are you looking for something to play with your friends or family? Hmm, we know that there are a lot of different games out there but why not surprise them with a new one? Sit back and relax as we dive deep in a new culture, a new game. Thus, take it easy and play pachisi! 

In this article, you will get to know more about the game including its history. Curious about what’s inside? Find out when you read this article!


The intriguing board game known as Pachisi, a cross and circle game that has its roots in ancient India, has been called the national game of that country. A symmetrical cross board and six tokens make up a pachisi. The Hindi word Pachis, which means twenty-five and is the required score to win the game, is where the term Pachisi originates. 

Akbar I, the Indian emperor of the Mughal Empire in the sixteenth century, is said to have played Chaupar on expansive marble courts with inlaid patterns. He would toss the cowry shells while seated on a Dias that was four feet high in the middle of the court. 16 stunning harem members would follow his instructions on the red and white squares around him and move in the right colors. Today, remnants of these boards may still be found in Allahabad and Agra.

When Pachisi was initially published in England under the name Ludo in 1896, it quickly gained enormous public appeal. John Hamilton of the Hudson River Valley purchased the game’s copyright while he was still in the United States in 1867. Selchow and Righter eventually came into ownership of the copyright in 1870, and they trademarked the title in 1874. (2) Pachisi went on to become one of the most popular board games and was loved by many players.


Now that you know the history of Pachisi, you must be able to know how can you play, and win the game! Find out more about it as well as the rules when you scroll through this page.

To set-up

  • On a board with a cross form, Pachisi is played. The beginning and end of every BEAD are located in the center space. The outside columns of each cross arm are a track and have two outside columns in the centre. One middle column is owned by each player. 12 s are present.
  • It takes 6 cowrie shells to make pachisi. Use six dice, with the odd numbers signifying one and the even numbers zero. Moves are determined by adding the two to six dice, or 10, in the case of an odd number roll. The players moved 25 if a throw produced 6 even numbers.
  • Each participant chooses four BEADS in their preferred color. BEADs are first on the roster.
  • Rolling the dice determines which player goes first.

To play

  • To place a BEAD in the middle of the board, a player needs to roll a grace (a 6, 10 or 25).
  • A player gets another roll every time a grace is rolled.
  • Each player takes a turn rolling the die, moving their BEAD the number of spaces indicated down their column, around the entire track in the opposite direction, and then returning to their original column.
  • On a single BEAD, players must use all of their moves, or else they lose their turn.
  • Players have the option to forego using their roll.
  • A player’s own BEAD may be placed on a tile where they land.
  • The opponent’s BEAD is taken from the board if a player lands on a square that it occupies. To bring the opponent’s BEAD back into play, the player must roll a grace.
  • A player gets extra turn if they remove their opponent’s BEAD.
  • If a BEAD is an X-marked square, it cannot be captured.
  • In order to end on the center square, players need to roll an exact number of times.

To win

A player must maneuver their BEADs around the board and up their home column to the center square in order to win.


Of course, Gidd.io doesn’t only prioriotizes one’s enjoyment. Rather, we also look into how a game will definitely benefit you too! Listed below are the benefits of playing pachisi!

  • Gives children a chance to make meaningful choices.
  • Fosters team spirit.
  • Teaches strategy building.
  • It tests one’s critical thinking.
  • It develops relationship with your teammate.


Can you avoid becoming furious during this game? Sorry, this is not the same game as the traditional board game. Naturally, though, with fantastic fields!

This is a modified version of pachisi using different boards. Now try out our game mode with various effects! Try to get your cars to circle the table quickly while you play with your pals.

  • Play with up to four players.
  • Set up your game whichever you wish.
  • Play for nothing

Not only that but you can also play Pachisi the way you like it either plain or with effects! Below are the effects and features you can be found in our gaming platform!

  • Grouping
    • Your pieces can be stacked on a single field.
  • Random Influence
    • The blue fields select a random effect.
  • Drive Slow
    • You cannot use your piece for one round if you land in the pink areas.
  • Impact of Extra Steps
    • You take a few haphazard steps. Both paths can be taken.
  • Auto Switch Effect
    • You exchange your vehicle for a rival’s vehicle.
  • Continued Effect
    • The dice can be rolled once more.
  • Impact of Free Six
    • In the field, another automobile can be spawned.

Interesting, right? We will be waiting for you to enjoy it with your friends, family, and loved ones! Have fun playing this game in our platform and remember, take it easy and play pachisi!

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