Biggest update so far 😁

biggest update (1)

With joy and proud we present you the biggest update for so far. When we started with the first version in December, we implemented a lot of things to the best of our knowledge, but without the knowledge of the all the users that play the app every day. We have collected an incredible amount of feedback and it was also clear to us that the mobile version is absolutely crappy. That is why we have developed almost everything new from scratch.

The biggest changes at a glance

  • A whole new app with all the same games
  • Many games now support 3D
  • now works perfectly on smartphone and desktop
  • We now have an account system. Create your free account here: play.
  • All games have received new features
  • You can now join as viewer to game

All About the new app

The new app has received a simpler and clearer design. The buttons have become larger and more obviously placed. The user bar and chat is now permanently visible on the right. This enhances the lobby feeling and serves as an anchor element. Also, your character is now the first on the top right. The user settings in the lobby can be accessed by clicking on the player’s avatar. You can also play now fullscreen. In addition, the end screen has been standardized and each player whose turn it is will be notified directly, when he has to do something.


The new account system

In the new account system we start directly with the following features:

  • Create your on account
  • Set your own avatar
  • See your own game statistics (How many times you were in the top 3 in each game)
  • Log in on another device and continue playing your current game
  • A cool leveling system to show how badass you are

What changed on each game

We really reworked every game and partially converted it into 3D. This is to strengthen the board game feeling in some games and we now also have significantly more options in the new games.


  • Completely new user interface with 3D
  • Zoom in out or reset camera
  • Added optional feature: Enable if you want to buy already owned properties (with multiplier like 2x/3x/4x/5x
  • Added optional feature: Enable to host a bidding to sell your own property (with a start bid (max. 10x of the property price))
  • Added optional feature: Enable if you can build houses and hotels without a full property set
  • Added optional feature: Enable if houses need to be built evenly across the property set
  • Added optional feature: Enable if every property should be bought by an auction
  • Added optional feature: Enable if players are allowed to take a loan from the bank (needs to be paid back over every round with interest; you can set the interest rate)
  • Added a button to locate players on the boards
  • Clean merge with the user interface on the right
  • Added a confirmation prompt before you declare bankrupt
  • Added back that you can click directly on the dice
  • Added a new history on each property (see how much money the property raised)
  • Fixed some bugs in capitalista


  • Completely new user interface
  • Added optional feature: Choose continents to play on it
  • Added possibility to adjust map size while guessing
  • Added dark map
  • Fixed that distance and line between your mark and the target couldnt wrap around the world


  • New user interface
  • Improved overview to show all player scores next to each other just like on paper!
  • Dice are moved to the left
  • Visual representation of the roll turns
  • Added optional feature: You only get points from the dice value (e. g. a yatzy with ones would only give five points)
  • Added optional feature: you can choose the roll count from one to six


  • Updated user interface
  • User scores are now showed on the right side
  • Added circular representation of remaining time
  • Added category focused for mobile users to see which category they are currently writing in

Crazy Eights

  • Completly new user interface in 3D
  • Added optional feature: play with more power cards
  • Added optional feature: amount of +2 cards of each color
  • Added optional feature: total amount of +4 cards in the deck
  • Added optional feature: whether +4 cards are stackable
  • Added optional feature: whether “Choose Color” cards are stackable
  • Shuffle now shuffles 7 times internally to have the “perfect” shuffle
  • Current color is now shown by the direction arrows
  • Improved the animations of cards
  • Added option to hide empty slots
  • Amount of cards in deck visualized by size
  • Coming in after game started u can spectate the game
  • Cards can now be played by double clicking/tapping the card
  • Stats are added to the endscreen: cards drawn, cards drawn by +2, by +4
  • Fixed all known bugs

Some other new features

  • Users are prevented from accidentally closing the tab by a notice in the browser
  • Mobile users get informed that they have to user their phone horizontally
  • Create game rooms with a pre-selected game by url
  • The app is now using play. as url
  • We have cool and fresh endscreen (with confetti!)
  • Play in fullscreen (really good for mobile users)
  • Enhanced loading screen logic for better user experience
  • Fixed blurry text rendering in some cases on all devices
  • Fixed rare occasion that player couldn’t open “edit room profile” after game loading
  • Fixed random disconnects when inactive for longer than 100 seconds


We are really happy with the new release and hope you like it. We are still looking forward to your feedback and will focus now on creating new games.

Start your own gaming adventure with your friends on now!