About Us

https://gidd.io is your online gaming room. In your own gaming room, you decide what you want to play and with who. You can configure our available games such as Capitalista, Crazy Eights, GeoClash, Yatzy and Categories and play them the way you want. Our simple interface ensures that you won’t need to leave the platform to play various games with your friends. The best thing about it is that you can play in both mobile and desktop browsing modes, no matter where you are on the planet.

Your own online gaming room

Configure your own gaming room.

In your own gaming room, you can first select a game and secondly configure it the way you wanna play it. Each has his unique features und configuration settings. For example, everyone knows card games a little differently, which is why we make them configurable so that everyone can play them the way they are familiar with.

Features of your gaming room

  • Create your invite-only room
  • You can moderate other players and kick them
  • You can use chat commands (write /help) 
  • You can select games
  • You can configure games
  • You can start or stop games
  • You can set hotkeys and sound volume

Create your own account on https://gidd.io

See stats on your own account.

Create your own free gidd.io account and get access to exclusive features:

  • Set your own avatar
  • Look at how well you play in your own stats
  • Level your account. You get XP with every round you play.

More features are coming soon!

Invite your friends and play with them

Invite friends to your own gaming room.
  1. Click the Copy Link button
  2. Send the link to your friends
  3. Start playing and enjoy the games

Environmental awareness

We use hosting partners who operate their data centers in a climate-neutral manner. We ourselves take care to program as performantly as possible in order to save even more resources.