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The focus of our platform is on simple control, a very high level of configuration, cross-play on any devices and easy to play games. Some games you might already played with friends or family, but we know, everybody played them with their own rules. So you can configure any game like you want to play it.

The Capitalista Men

Our simple classical capitalism boardgame you will love. Your teammates and you want to create a real estate empire and push each other out of the market with the highest rents. If you own a whole country, you can upgrade your houses and finally build hotels on it.

Become the richest men on the board. Play Capitalista now.

Who does not know it? Someone draws something and the other players have to guess it? This is Guess Drawing. Choose your favorite word lists and start drawing! With very many languages and categories available. There is much to experience with Guess Drawing.

The classic card game expanded with the +4 card and other cool extras. Features some similar game principles as the well-known card game UNO. You can customize the game the way you want to play or play with some experimental features.

Play GeoClash. Guessing world wide.

In GeoClash your task is to click as close as possible on a world map to the point you see on the street view. If you are closer than your friends, you get more points. Additionally, you can choose the continents you want to play on and configure the times.

Werewolf is a basic social  deduction game. Villagers have to prevail against the werewolves in the process. But beware! During the day the werewolves are also villagers… Are you good at lying or recognizing the liar? Try it out!

Play yahtzee with your friends. In your own gaming room.

Play the classic dice game here. You have 5 dice, you may roll three times and combine the results. Will you manage to fill the result sheet and score more points than your teammates?


A word is randomly selected from the alphabet and you have to find a word for each category that starts with that letter. Whoever finds words that no one has, gets more points. You can choose the game categories and set the times yourself.

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Super features away from the games - your own lobby

You can play all the games in a single lobby. You can switch between games, configurations are saved and you can play with players from any platform, smartphone or computer.