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Can you survive this game without getting angry? Our Alternative game to the classic boardgame sorry! But of course with super fields!


About Pachisi

This is our pachisi variant with different boards. Try out our fun mode with different effects now! Play with your friends and try to make your cars go around the table fast.

All Pachisi Effects and Features

You can play Pachisi with or without effects.


You can stack your pieces on one field.

Random Effect

The blue fields select a random effect.

Traffic Stop

If you land on the pink fields you can’t use your piece for one round.

Additional Steps Effect

You go some random steps. Both directions are possible.

Car Swap Effect


You swap your car with one of your opponents cars.

Go Again Effect


You can roll the dice again.

Free Six Effect

You can spawn another car on the field.

Take a loan from the bank

You are running low on cash? Just borrow money from the bank. But remember: You pay interest every round.

Trade with other players

You want to have the property of another player? Negotiate for it!

Play the plain pachisi

If you don’t like the extra and special fields you can also just play the plain version.

pachisi plain

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