Big Update Announcement: New Game Capitalista, new features and bug fixes

3 minutes

Hello friends,

today we can present you with a very big update. We have added a whole new game, improved a lot in the interface and added more small extras for a fun gaming experience.

Become the greatest capitalist in the world! In Capitalista our alternative fast-dealing property game to Monopoly© can you rule the economy with up to 20 players! Trade and buy a full property set to build houses and hotels. Your goal is to become richer than your friends and make them bankrupt!

By the way: The new patch does include other great things:

  • We fixed some minor bugs in all games
  • Chat bind is now on the enter key
  • The chat and user bar is now looking better for mobile players
  • We have fixed some translation issues 
  • We have now a generic command system in the chat (write /help in the chat) 
  • You can cancel running games now with /cancel
  • You can change your prefered language in the Client settings
  • We have a new homepage with more information about
  • In GeoGuess you can set the round time now to one hour
  • We added Capitalista as new game (Countries are sorted by the number of users)
  • Categories: Time to send word to server is faster

What do we plan for the next patch?

The next patch will focus on the mobile experience. We will update every game to make the mobile experience perfect! We will also update many translations and we will improve the already existing games. Please give us feedback on our discord server.

Tell us your ideas! lives from its users. If you have ideas on what we can improve about, feel free to share them with us. You can reach us on all popular social media platforms.